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SSL Certificates From Comodo

What is SSL?

SSL means Secure Socket Layer! This word has become common and famous among Internet world. Its a secure method of passing the sensitive or valuable information such as credit card details, login details over the internet. These valuable information must be encrypted and then sent via internet. SSL is used to prevent these valuable information from hacking/identity theft.

Site Security Identification

If SSL Certificate is installed,

1.You will have an URL, Which has https:// instead of http://
2.Visibility of padlock icon in the browser
padlock is considered to be the icon of trust.

Major benefits of SSL

Authentication of the server and communication privacy are the two major benefits of SSL. When an end user connects to a SSL enabled site, the server send its unique digital certificate which is approved and signed from a universally trusted source such as Comodo, verisign or any other CA. This guarantees an end user that its being communicating with the right server.

SSL uses two types of encryption technologies namely Private and public encryption technologies. These technologies are used to provide an encrypted channel. This secure channel ensures an end user that all communication between the web server and user's browser remains secure which means encrypted. If in this case any hacker tries to capture this data they will see only the collapsed text which would make no sense.

Need of SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are the trust indicators. If you are the person who is conducting online business, the visitor or the customer would come and check if your business is secure to have business with and also provide the valuable and confidential details required. In this case if they found a SSL Certificate in your site and if its valid, they would know that your business is legitimate and obviously you can earn more customers and huge revenue.

Which CA to choose for?

There are more numbers of Certificate Authorities developed for the past few years. Its our responsibility to choose the right SSL Certificate provider. Comodo is the second largest certification authority which offers SSL Certificate for you to choose from so that you have more opportunities to meet the diverse needs of a diverse customer set.

Comodo's uniqueness

Compared to other SSL Comodo's SSL is less price which is cost saving for your business. It has no set up, no overhead and no hassle. It operates the entire back end issuance process including validation. Comodo offers fast and easy issuance which can be done on the spot or in an hour.

What types of SSL Certificates comodo offers?

Comodo offers three superior brands - one commitment to quality. Enterprise SSL for high volume, Enterprise sites and Instant SSL for professional , e-commerce sites and Positive SSL for low volume, transaction sites.

To know more about SSL Certificates from Comodo please visit http://ssl.comodo.com

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Why opt for Comodo SSL Certificates?

Do i need an SSL Certificate for my online business?

Definitely yes! There is no doubt in that. SSL Certificates acts as an trust indicator. If you are in the business field online the visitors would be checking that your business is secure to have their business with and to provide their valuable data in some of the required case. If they found your site is SSL certificate enabled and is valid then they will have an belief that your site is genuine. This helps in earning more number of customers and obviously you will have increased revenue.

Why choose Comodo SSL Certificates?

There are three different ranges of SSL Certificates from comodo to satisfy the customer needs. It includes For high volume, enterprise sites (Enterprise SSL), For professional e-commerce sites(Instant SSL) and for Low Volume, transaction sites (Positive SSL). All these certificates plays an major role and provides you full validation, optimum performance, Future proof of new High assurance new standards, highest warranties , free scan and id authority is auto registration.

How Comodo Differes from other CA’s?

Comodo which is the second largest certification authority provides you all types of >http://ssl.comodo.com"]SSL Certificates for the customers to choose from so that customer gets satisified to meet the diverse needs. No other CA’s provide the lowest priced SSL’s , cost savings for your business which are provided by Comodo. There is no set up, no overhead and no hassle. Comodo operates the entire back end issuance process including validation. It takes atleat 3 hours and above for other CA’s to issuance of certificate . Comodo is the only Certificate authority which gives you fast, easy issuance which can be done on the spot or in an hour.

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Role of Internet Security

In our virtual world Internet has become as an essential tool for people to communicate, to gain knowledge, find information, online purchase and so on. Home based business are now a days increasing due to development of Internet. Data transfer can be done within seconds through internet, which makes a sense to put it to use and to try and earn an income or to make life easier.

Its not a surprising fact that each and every product has both positive and negative impacts. Likewise as there are many advantages of internet , there exist some disadvantages also. Financial dealings are made via internet, the amount seems to be so higher , it extends like billions or even trillions of dollar which are being exchanged online everyday.

There are many features an effective internet security product should have. Antivirus, Firewall, a technical support, Online backups, Parental control. Antivirus is an essential thing an internet security product , this helps in protecting you stopping viruses that are existing in the internet today. If this antivirus have an automative update feature which keeps pace with new viruses that emerge regularly , then its quite good. Firewall is also an essential thing. They helps in stopping the hackers or viruses from entering your computer.

Internet Security from Comodo offers you complete protection against these all malware attacks and helps you to be aware also from these attacks. Comodo the best internet security alerts you whenever potential malware attempts to attack or gain access to your system. The alerts are displayed as pop-ups at the right hand corner of your screen and allow you to allow or block the unrecognized activities, processes and connection attempts of running applications.

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Role of an Antivirus Program

Its pretty sure that individuals owning a desktop will all have an antivirus installed in their system. Currently the awareness of antivirus usage among desktop/laptop users is high, given the rising threat level. Users connect internet not only through PC, but also via tablets, smart phones which in turn require a complete protection from viruses.
How computer gets Infected by Virus?
1. Plugging the virus infected flash/usb drives into the computer.
2. Downloading e-mail attachments which contain viruses.
3. Transferring files from your computer to your mobile phones using bluetooth etc
4. Through CD/DVDs
5. From pop ups
Antivirus softwares have flooded the market in the recent times , but all antiviruses doesn't provide a foolproof protection to your desktop , only few antivirus does that good job.
Its better choosing a trial version of an antivirus software to find how effective the software works for your pc. These trial maybe for 30 to 60 days. After the end of the trial period if you wish to proceed with that particular antivirus , your credit card will be billed for the subscription . You can ask your colleagues or friends about the antivirus they use before arriving at a decision. They could help narrow down your choices.
What does an antivirus program do?
Antivirus program has the capability of finidng out all these malware, viruses and trojan attacks by just performing a scan. They scan e-mail and other files in your system, if it finds any threats first it quarantines or deletes it so that your valuable data is protected.
Using a good antivirus is just enough?
Using a good antivirus software will help you fully protect your computer from any kinds of malware threats. Its your duty to choose good antivirus software for your system.
There are some things to see in a good antivirus program, they are
1. Real time protection (monitoring your full computer)
2. An antivirus scan
3. Trusted and renown
4. Updates and upgrades
5. Features that you will use
6. Compatibility
7. Read Customer Reviews
8. Buy the original
9. Shop for the right place
10. User friendly, reliable and effectiveness of antivirus
Why to choose Comodo Antivirus?
Comodo antivirus is specifically designed to scan, detect, kill and protect you from any kind of virus, spyware, Trojan, worm and different other malwares. This is based on prevention concept not the concept of detection.Comodo Antivirus has been built with intelligence: it recognizes typical viral behavior. Antivirus, upon detecting a suspicious file that could be a virus, will immediately place that file in "Antivirus Jail": the file is blocked, awaiting trial. If it's a viral invader, delete it. Comodo Antivirus also includes a mechanism for user to submit any files look suspicious to the Safe List and get immediate feedback on possibly viral files from our security experts and other PC-users.

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Purpose Of SSL

What is SSL?

Internet has created many new global business opportunities for e-commerce merchants . However, there are many security risks associated with online businesses with web security being the major factor . The standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser is SSL(Secure Socket Layer). The encrypted link ensures the data that passes through browser and server remain private and integral. An industry standard used by millons of websites in the protecting its online transaction is SSL. A web server requires an SSL to generate an SSL.

Why do I need SSL on my site?

Whatever might be the growth of e-commerce during the past years, it also has a dark side due to the presence of fraudsters and cyber criminals. The rise of negative elements in online tradehas presented an opportunity for e-commerce merchants to capitalize on it in allaying the customer's apprehensions by displaying trust indicators. Just as in real world, people need to be confident before they proceed down an unknown path.

How does SSL work?

Customers develop trust on websites where they can see padlock green address bar during an ecommerce transaction. When an Extended Validation Certificates is installed on a web site, users with the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera will see the green address bar at the URL area of the navigator. . . All web browsers have the ability to interact with SSL secured sites so long as it is recognized from a Certificate Authority, such as Comodo.

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